Where is the practical digital preservation research? Some here.

Today the NDIPP blog asked “Where is applied digital preservation research”?

*stands up*

We’re right here.

The Digital POWRR project is focused on pragmatic, practical, sustainable digital preservation for smaller and medium sized libraries and cultural heritage organizations. We know we need to do this, but the resources, and sometimes the knowledge, are tough to come by.

Which is where our project comes in. Have you looked at our Tool Grid? We’ve compared and contrasted over 50 different tools for digital preservation. We’re spending this summer doing in-depth end-user testing of several open-source comprehensive DP solutions: Archivematica, Curators Workbench, and Hoppla, to see how they interact with tools for long-term storage like MetaArchive, DuraCloud, and ArchiveIt.

Want to keep up on our shenanigans? Check out our project wiki. We’re trying to figure out how to do DP at our own institutions, publicly, without a net.

Thanks to the IMLS for funding this highwire act.

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