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Staff from Phase 3 – 2-day Institutes (2017-2019)

Jaime Schumacher, Co-Principal Investigator and Instructor, Northern Illinois University

Drew VandeCreek, Co-Principal Investigator and Facilitator, Northern Illinois University

Stacey Erdman, Communication and Community Coordinator and Instructor, Beloit College

Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Expert Speaker, Archive-It

Sarah Cain, Facilitator, Northern Illinois University

Siobhan Hagan, Expert Speaker, Washington, D.C. Public Library

Jeff Hancks, Project Advisor, Western Illinois University

Aaisha Haykal, Project Advisor, Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture

Martin Kong, Technical Instructor, Chicago State University

Meg Miner, Case Study Instructor, Illinois Wesleyan University

Nina Mackenzie Moody, Graduate Assistant, Northern Illinois University

Max Prud’homme, Project Advisor, Illinois State University

Matt Ransom, Case Study Instructor, Appalachian State University

Adam Rosner, Graduate Assistant, Northern Illinois University

Dorothea Salo, Technical Instructor, University of Wisconsin

Guha Shankar, Expert Speaker, American Folklife Center

Bari Talley, Case Study Instructor, Karuk Tribe

Lynne Thomas, Case Study Instructor, University of Illinois

Patrick Wallace, Case Study Instructor, Middlebury College