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Digital POWRR Webinar Series

Click on the links below to access the four modules of the Digital POWRR webinar series!

Module 1

  • Understand what digital preservation will actually look like in practice (Theory vs. Action)​
  • Understand that digital preservation is an incremental process​
  • ​Be able to make informed decisions about digital preservation tools and services based on your organizations resources​

Module 2

  • Understand that different digital preservation tools/services can perform different functions within the digital curation lifecycle​
  • Understand how these tools/services can be used within your institution’s workflow​

Module 3

  • Learn some potential pre-ingest steps for accessioning a digital collection​
  • ​Learn how to triage digital materials ​
  • Learn how to upgrade metadata and recordkeeping practices for the next steps​

Module 4

  • Identify potential team members for getting started​
  • ​Learn strategies for educating ourselves, our stakeholders, and our funders regarding the importance and need for digital preservation​
  • ​Understand the steps to build policies and plans​

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