Discussion on the Outcomes of the Digital POWRR Project

Take a look at this opportunity to hear members of the POWRR Team discuss the trials, tribulations, victories, and the future of the Digital POWRR Project.

“The NDSA Infrastructure working group invites you and your colleagues to a call on the outcomes of the Digital POWRR project. In keeping with our ongoing series of conversations, you can expect about half the call to be a presentation and the other half to be time for conversation and discussion.

Title: The Digital POWRR Project: What we discovered, what we did about it, and what still needs to be done.

Abstract: Lynne M Thomas and Jaime Schumacher will discuss the outcomes of this IMLS National Leadership Grant project, outline those deliverables that were particularly well-received by the community, identify gaps that have yet to be addressed, and, with the project end-date approaching, seek guidance on the transfer of project-created products that should be maintained and cultivated for the benefit of the wider community.

When: November 18, 2014 at 2pm ET

Call in #: 877-299-5123″

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