ANADP II Part 4: Day 2

The finishing of Day 1 at ANADP II was a group of action sessions; I attended the “Applying the OAIS Framework to Distributed Digital Preservation” session, which was facilitated by Matt Schultz (MetaArchive) and Eld Zierau (Royal Library of Denmark). I don’t have a lot of notes, as we were busy moving cutouts of different types of distributed digital preservation system elements around to try to make an instant system based on our respective collections.

This was far more effective than it sounds (and rather resembles real life, where collaborations are often based upon who shows up). But it didn’t make for much note-taking.

This was followed by a lovely wine reception at the Palau Moja, featuring a classical guitarist performance.

Day 2!

We opened with going over the themes that emerged from Day 1:

  • Legal: We need ‘sweeping principles’ not minutia (which is where the lawyers tend to focus)
  • Organizational: Mirroring between centers
  • Alignment & Interdependence
  • Community building: reaching out to neglected constitutencies, and BEING THERE
  • We do things differently here
  • Intellectual Honesty
  • Documentation & Storytelling
  • PR: Elevator Pitches!
  • Who is “we”?
  • Good enough vs. Best Practices
  • Proliferating projects lead to fragmentation
  • External funding: threat or menace
  • Sustainability/self sufficiency–Assume no new funding

The rest of the day was devoted to talking money, extensively, which will go into the next post, as I have a LOT of notes.


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