An Unsung Hero of Grants Administration: The Business Manager

Everyone’s organization is different, but we all have someone who fits the description:

The Library Business Manager, otherwise known as She (or He) Who Makes Things Happen.

The Business Manager is the person who does lots of cat-herding, who makes sure that all of the forms that you didn’t know existed get filled out, and that the processes at any given institution are followed, so that all of the money from the grant can be used. They deal with red tape so that you can focus on the actual grant work. They are like administrative ninjas.

They know whom to call to get key questions answered, paperwork moved along, and checks cut.

We *love* our business manager. She makes things happen. (Thanks, S!)

If you’re new to grants administration, here’s a word to the wise: get to know (and appreciate) your business manager (or the person who fulfills that role in your organization). ¬†They make life so much better for everyone.

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