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Personal Preservation

Preserving digital objects and information at an institutional level is challenging, but it can also be intimidating for individuals.  We’ve included some resources for personal digital preservation so you can take the first steps towards giving the gift of the past to the future.

Preserving Your Personal Digital Memories – Recorded webinar by the ACLTS (Association for Library Collections & Technical Services)

Library of Congress Personal Archiving Information – This website is chalk full of information about preserving personal digital objects.  It includes a guide that has tips on preserving specific types of files, informational videos, and more.

Personal Preservation of Social Media/E-mail

Facebook data – This Facebook help website provides information about what information you can export from Facebook and save, and how to do it.

Twitter archive – This Twitter help website gives a step by step guide in how to download your Twitter archive.

Instagram – This website explains how high resolution photos work with Instagram.  Currently, if you want a complete archive of your Instagram photos you will have to create it yourself from the photos on your device.

Gmail – This Google help page explains how you can download your messages to a local e-mail client so you can archive your messages.

Last Modified: 03/25/2013